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Pressure transmitters

With the Dymatic 200PCW brake testing system we use Mesra radio pressure unit to examine the actual brake pressures when testing the vehicles. Measuring accuracy of the pressure sensor is revised annually with a special fine turning device.

The fine turning device is revised and verified once a year for preserving the measurement quality.

Radio pressure sensors are delivered with a charging unit for reloading the sensors. Radio pressure sensors and wire pressure sensors can be used for measuring the articulated vehicle.

The brake testing system Dymatic 200PCW can measure 12 axels at the same time. Simultaneous transmission is used when the brake pressure delay and ALB are being tested.

The delay test of brake effects indicates if the brakes work properly after the driver has stamped on the brake pedal and how long time the brakes work after the pedal is released.

MRS 433 radiotransmitter
MRS 433 radio pressure sensors
MRS 433 charging unit
MRS 433 wired pressure sensors ctions on roads as well as for temporary field repair shops. ds as well as for temporary field repair shops.



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